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Garmin Support Center is where you will find answers to frequently asked questions and resources to help with all of your Garmin products. The GTX330ES has new menu items with no documentation whatsoever--or at least not in the System Maintenance Manual. This kit includes the discrete mil spec contacts and mil spec connector body with metal backshell, and the shield termination contacts and connector body as included in the original Garmin installation kit. Insert the hex drive tool into the access hole on the unit face and rotate counterclockwise until the unit is forced out about 3/8 inch.

GTX 335 w/GPS Installation Guidance Rev. I recently converted my GTX 330 to GTX330ES. be other settings required to make the transponder function properly. If not, I can well imagine that if “typical” US installers are ignoring the IM, the result may be sub-optimal. This ensures the notification is transmitted to ATC. Refer to the most current Garmin GTX 330 installation manual for instructions for accessing the transponder Configuration page and setting up other important transponder characteristics.

With the GTX 330 turned on go to the Set Menu, General Setup. GTX 330/330D Installation ManualPage B-10 Rev. E12 of my GTN installation manual the connection is specified as RS232 only (not ARINC). What is garmin gtx 330 mode? The GTX-330 has Mode S reporting capability but it does not report to the ADS-B system. Connector kit for installing Garmin GTX-330 transponder. NVIDIA&39;s driver team exhaustively tests games from early access through release of each DLC to optimize for performance, stability, and functionality.

Page 83 For ATC transponder-based ADS-B transmit The IDENT key is available to the systems, the SPI capability needs to be pilot on the GTX 330. . The standard pin contacts supplied in the connector kit are compatible with up to AWG 22 wire. · The FAA has certified our new GTX 330 ES and GTX 33 ES transponders, and they are ready to be installed now in hundreds of makes an models of fixed-wing aircraft. PRESSURE ALT: Displays the altitude data supplied to the GTX 330 in feet, hundreds of feet (i. The manual would have helped if better explanations of the menu choices were provided. When Manual, displays the Flight gtx 330 install manual Time, controlled by the.

Page vi GTX 327 Installation Manual Revision NGTX 327 HARDWARE MOD LEVEL HISTORY The following table identifies hardware modification (Mod) Levels for the GTX 327 Transponder. A remote provided. TOTAL COST 00 I don&39;t know if there&39;s a difference in installation hours using the GTX327. When the transponder code is changed, a notification is sent to ATC by the GTX 330. GTX 3X5 Transponder TSO Installation Manual Rev.

And an antenna diversity option is added with the GTX 330D – for improved air-to-air surveillance of TCAS-equipped aircraft flying above you. Some differences in operation may be observed when comparing the information in this manual to later software versions. Can I install GTX 335 with GPS? See more results. · Garmin_GTX330_Transponder_Installation_Manual. GTX software version 7. 400W Series Installation Manual Page iRev. the GTX 327 Maintenance Manual, Garmin P/N.

Are you running WAAS on your primary navigation unit? Garmin GTS 8XX-GPA-65 TAS & gtx 330 install manual TCAS I Install Manual. 4 Installation Configuration This aircraft is equipped with a GTX 33X and/or GTX 3X5 with the following interfaces/ features: Equipment Installed: Transponder GTX 330D GTX D GTX 3R GTX 345. 1 INTRODUCTION This manual describes the physical, mechanical, and electrical characteristics and the installation requirements for the GTX 330 Mode S Transponder and GTX 330D Diversity Mode S Transponder. GARMIN GTX 330 MODE S. Pull the unit straight out of the rack. GTX 330 Installation ManualPage A3 Rev.

, set to STBY) when the code is changed. 9 Page iii Record of Revisions 6. The GDL 88 is the less expensive option. Most of my work was done on my transponder by Garmin. GTX-330), then you should simply get the ES upgrade, interface to GNS-530W or GTN-750, along with a few other minor installation considerations, and get the shop to do the appropriate paperwork based on Garmin&39;s AML STC. Page 16: Installation Considerations. Has that changed recently?

3 Post-Installation Checkout for the GTX 330 1. Install the panel mount GTX 335 with GPS as a minor alteration in accordance with FAA Memorandum Installation Approval for ADS-B OUT Systems or FAA Notice 8900. · Garmin GTX330 (ES) or GTX23ES installation manual 1362283. The original GTX330 installation manual went into detail about each menu item. These new transponders are qualified as ADS-B NextGen compliant (with an accompanying WAAS position source). RS-232 INPUT/OUTPUT page CHNL 1* INPUT FADC W/ALT OUTPUT TIS w/REMOTE * GTX 330 serial port. The GTX 330/33 with ADS-B Out AML STC Equipment List,, was revised to make the following.

RS-232 INPUT/OUTPUT page INPUT OUTPUT CHNL 1* FADC W/ALT TIS w/REMOTE. GTX 330: Better surveillance for busier airspace. Mod Levels are listed with the associated service bulletin number, service bulletin date, and the purpose of the modification. After power on, a start-up page is displayed while the unit performs a self test. 2 EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION. Game Ready Drivers provide the best possible gaming experience for all major games. Why would US installers bodge an ARINC connection in contravention to the IM? The software version and information in this document is subject to change without notice.

08, and is not suitable for earlier software versions. abled during installation configuration. Garmin brochure wrote:The GARMIN GTX 330 transponder provides the. The Garmin GTX 330 Mode S transponder series provides normal altitude encoding data to ATC as well as traffic data link capability to the GRT family of EFIS systems. 84 MB, MIME type: application/pdf) Garmin GTX330 Transponder Installation Manual File history. Together, these units represent a whole new. pdf ‎ (file size: 7.

Check that the GTX 330 has a pressure altitude showing on the display. NOTE: On a dual transponder installation, change the code on the active transponder. 5 Cabling and Wiring. The GTX 330 transponder is powered on by pressing the STBY, ALT or ON keys, or by a remote avionics master switch (if applicable). Cabling is fabricated by the installing agency to fit each particular aircraft.

Installation of the GTX 330 should follow the data detailed in this manual. After installation of the GTX 327, FAA Form 337 must be completed by an appropriately certificated agency and ATC transponder tests required by 14 CFR, Part 91. The GTX 330 also offers several timing and display functions: flight time,count-up timer,count-down timer or current pressure altitude. :–( ), which includes–( ) TSO/JTSO COMPLIANCE: TSO – C112 Class 2A, and TSO - C74c Class 1A MANUFACTURER&39;S SPECIFICATION AND/OR OTHER APPLICABLE. 413 must be completed to return the aircraft to service. ” Added G1000 NXi to description of REMOTE FMT 1 and REMOTE FMT 2 in table 6-1 “RS-232 Channel 1 through 3 Selections. GTX 330 Installation Manual PageRev.

2 FAA APPROVED Page 9 of 18 1. All the features of the standard GTX 33 transponder are retained in the ES version Antenna diversity option is available with GTX 33D versions Traffic data enabled by remote GTX 33 system can be displayed graphically on Garmin&39;s integrated GPS/Comm/Nav systems that provide built-in transponder code selection. 13-2A where applicable. For pilots with existing Garmin GTX 330 panel-mount or GTX 33 remote-mount transponders in their aircraft, the ES upgrade can provide a simple, straightforward solution for meeting ADS-B “Out” equipage requirements to fly in NextGen airspace. 04 to the table of approved GTX software. The GTX 330 can also be used to satisfy the European mandate for Mode S level 2 surveillance.

Throughout this manual, the term GTX 330 applies to both transponders unless otherwise stated. 5 Updated figure 6-5 “Interface Group. ” Added AVIATION FORMAT 2 to table 6-1 “RS-232 Channel 1 through 3 Selections. , flight level), or meters (dependent upon installation configuration). This notification is temporary and will not be sent if the GTX is inactive (i. I believe from what I&39;ve read that the traffic symbology displayed on the 430 W will be TIS-B, not ADS-B, and the number of targets displayed may be limited.

1 Introduction This manual presents the mechanical, and electrical installation requirements for the GTX 330 Mode S Transponder and GTX 330D Diversity Mode S Transponder. 04 ensures proper notification of a Flight ID change and decreases the time needed to communicate small changes in the target aircraft location. GTX 327 Installation Manual Page iPreliminary Revision K This manual is written for software version 2.

Mode S and ADS-B are not the same thing. All the features of the standard GTX 330 transponder are retained in the ES version: Solid-state design, 250-watt transmitter, remote ident and auto standby, altitude monitor with voice alerts, TIS-A traffic interface, and an easy-to-read LCD display that reverses its numbers out of black for optimal viewing in all lighting conditions. Use AWG 24 or larger wire for all connections unless otherwise specified by the aircraft manufacturer or Garmin. :37 PM. Please refer to the Garmin GTX 330 user manual for transponder operating instructions. I agree the installation menu on the GTX 335 is exhausting. What is gtx 330 used for? ** Multiple Serial.

B This manual reflects the operation of Main Software version 2. The GTX 330D (with diversity) is designed to meet the European Mode-S transponder mandate. INFORMATION SUBJECT TO EXPORT CONTROL LAWS.

FLIGHT TIME: Timer start is configured as either Manual or Au-tomatic. This configuration information gtx 330 install manual only applies to the settings that affect the transponder’s communication. Therefore, an installation that meets the requirements for ATC transponders also meets this requirement. .

Other features include automatic ALT/GND switching and remote ident. This; either a GDL 88 ADS-B receiver or replacing the GTX 330 ES with a GTX 345 should display traffic gtx 330 install manual on his 430 W. ** Any GTX 330 serial port pair may be used. By Cub - Thu Mar 26,. 362 Policy for Installation of ADS-B OUT Systemsusing the data in this installation guidance manual.

In this manual, the term GTX 330. 1 Page ii WARNING This product, its packaging, and its components contain chemicals known to the State of. GENERAL DESCRIPTION 1. With the use of an ES (Extended Squitter) version of the GTX 330 series, you have the first step to ADS-B compliance for the mandate. Transponder is not included! 2 ENVIRONMENTAL QUALIFICATION FORM NOMENCLATURE: GTX 330 Airborne ATC/Mode S Transponder Equipment TYPE/MODEL/PART NO.

GTX 330 Installation Manual PageRevision G 1. used with GRT EFIS systems. GTX 330 Installation Manual PageRevision F.

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